TPL Suite – Construction Management Software

TPL Suite contains highly performing construction management software modules designed by and for the construction industry by the team at Total Project Logistics. With TPL Suite, you will be able to calculate your quantities, estimate your costs, plan your schedules, follow your cash flow, evaluate your risks, manage productivity and organize and personalize your budgets to stay on track.

TPL Suite Modules:

  • TPL Estimate
  • TPL Trench
  • TPL Schedule
  • TPL Cash Flow


  • TPL Risk Analysis

TPL Suite will save you time, minimize your risks and increase profitability

TPL Estimate

From the very beginning, our company has considered the estimate as the cornerstone of each project. For this reason, we have designed and offered different versions of our Estimate software. Our goal is to provide you with an estimate module that meets your expectations and beyond. Our Estimate software has been designed by estimators assuring its accuracy, its depth and ease of use. Consequently, your estimates’ greater precision will enhance your chances at winning those bids!

Prepare more bids easily and in less time

  • Estimate with greater certainty & efficiency
  • Quickly create and manage your project costs
  • Prepare more bids easily and in less time

  • Quick communication with your subcontractor and suppliers
  • Easily and quickly input subcontractor/suppliers quote
  • Analysis tool to select the best subcontractor/suppliers quote

  • Easily establish multiple bid closing scenarios
  • Save time, minimize risk & increase profitability
  • Increase your chances at winning those bids

Specialized work requires specialized tools

TPL Trench Module

In partnership with our clients, we developed TPL Trench. This trench calculating module is completely dedicated to your company if you specialise in municipal work. With only a few inputs of information, our Trench module will generate on screen and on scale for each station of your project, the excavation volume per soil type, bedding and covering material required per pipe and the number of trucks required to haul material outside of the job site. This module can easily be used at the estimating process or at the project realisation stage to prepare your extra work.

TPL Trench does the hard work, so you don’t have to!

  • Calculate the excavation and backfill material volume per soil type.
  • Calculate bedding and covering material required per pipe.
  • Create the crew and establish the production rate.
  • Calculate number of trucks required to carry extra material out of the job site.

Track Projects in real time, from anywhere

TPL FPM – Field Project Manager

Better decision making with more accurate and up-to-date information!

Why wait until next month to discover how productive, or worse, unproductive your sites are? With TPL FPM (Field Project Manager) not only can you compare estimated costs, you can achieve a higher level of productivity and profitability than ever before. Just log into TPL FPM from anywhere and track in real time the status of each of your projects. You are able to monitor production quantities, labor hours, subcontractors, equipment hours, material quantities and more. Moreover, you can drill down as detailed as you wish to track each sites progress.

Powerfull software that is easy to use

The team at Total Project Logistics has developed TPL FPM to be easy to install, quick to learn and simple to use. Our software integrates easily with other systems making the data exchange efficient.

Manage, track and analyze each of your active jobs like never before

Our experts at Total Project Logistics understand the need to compare the estimates to real project costs. TPL FPM gives you that understanding and the ability to maintain control of the real every day costs without delay. This makes for better decision making with more accurate and more up to date information.

Never lose control of your job sites

TPL FPM allows you to efficiently manage the data entry process. With TPL Mobile and Microsoft Azure, you can enter your daily field logs from anywhere, at any time and everything remains centrally managed. This eliminates the need to re-enter the data.

Maintain control of real daily costs in real time

  • Log into TPL FPM from anywhere and track in real time the status of each of your projects.
  • Monitor production rates, equipment hours, labor hours, subcontractors, material quantities and more!
  • “Live” data information flow with the construction site!
  • Analyze productivity in real time!
  • Easily and quickly uncover and respond to issues!
  • Making better decisions . . . in real time!

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