TPL Estimate

Estimate with greater accuracy and control in less time

TPL Estimate is designed to manage the entire estimating and bidding process. Our software allows you to estimate with greater accuracy and control and save time. Start easily by importing items from multiple data sources – including past estimates. Build in your own formulas and calculations. Interact easily with your suppliers and subcontractors by adding their quotes to your bids.

Review Estimates Quickly and Efficiently

TPL Estimate helps you to find, identify and correct estimating errors and track them for future review. Review the net effect of each of your changes and modify them accordingly. Instantly update your estimates by making changes at any level. Bid items, activities, equipment, labour or anything else – all modifications can be made seamlessly.

Seize the Power to Close Your Bids

TPL Estimate gives you the power to set the final prices for your bid. Our software can automatically adjust any pricing or you can fine tune it at any level. You can determine how to allocate Indirect Costs, Administration, Profits either through percentages, dollar amounts or through a formula. There are endless scenarios that you could implement in order to maximize the profitability of each of your bids.

Powerfull software that is easy to use

The team at Total Project Logistics has developed TPL Estimate to be easy to install, quick to learn and simple to use. Our software integrates easily with other systems making the data exchange efficient.